Seven Months

“IT’S BEEN SEVEN MONTHS,” reads the calendar that marks how long it’s been since my last post. How time flies when you’re rediscovering yourself while being totally overcommitted.

It’s difficult to try and synthesize all that’s happened. I changed jobs, finished another year of college, and became an energy healer. At the beginning of this year, I began to feel this big squeeze. It wasn’t a bad squeeze; it was just this indescribable pressure that felt like a propulsion outward trembling in closer and closer. I finally decided to listen.

It’s as if my spirit just woke up.

After being hyper-productive for so long, it feels good to sit quietly and meditate, or to create a space with someone as we carve out time to connect and heal together. There is something nutritious about this creation of space. It is not necessarily a space made for anything in particular. Rather, it is an empty space that settles quietly– like dirt settling after a gust of wind. The spacious quietness forces one into a place of not being in control. It is an acceptance that all is how it ought to be. That we are –that I am– exactly as we ought to be.

And now I’m so desperately hungry for more.

In two weeks I leave to study traditional Mexican medicine.

Stay tuned. Mexico is just around the corner.


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