DIY Ten Minute Ponytail Cuffs

Yesterday, next to the bobby pins and ponytail holders was a big sign that said, “trend alert!” Underneath was a three-pack of ponytail cuffs. My DIY gears started turning. In ten minutes, you can crank out a ton of these little puppies and spruce up the ‘do.

These cuffs require a few components. My very favorite version is the top cuff made with faux leather. These work best with a thicker fabric.

If you don’t have fabric, use colored duct tape or washi tape instead!


  • A couple short pieces of fabric, each about two inches by one inch
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Small velcro circles or snaps

Let the crafting begin…

Cut and Prep Fabric

For a large ponytail I cut the fabric to about two inches long. Keep in mind I have a lot of hair. On this one it’s best practice to wrap around your pony before cutting to test.

Place the fabric bottom-side-up on a flat surface. One side at a time, place a line of hot glue along the long edge of the fabric and fold in towards the middle. This process keeps the edges of the fabric from fraying, and give it a finished look very simply. Below is the strip of fabric before and after gluing.

Attach Velcro or Snaps

Once your strip is the right size to fit the ponytail or bun of your choice, attach either velcro or snaps to the ends of you fabric. I had just purchased velcro circles for another project, so I used that to attach the ends.

If you have snaps: sew male piece to the very edge of the short side of one side of the strip, and the female side to the opposite short end on the opposite side. When the band is wrapped around your ponytail, the snap should connect and hold the band in place.

If you have velcro: Hot glue the fuzzy part on the edge of one short edge of the strip. Because the fuzzy part doesn’t pull hair, I make this piece longer, so I can adjust the size easier. Hot glue the hooked side to the opposite short edge of the opposite side of the strip. When you wrap the band around your pony-tail, they should overlap to hold the band on. The fuzzy part of the velcro should be the size of two pinky-nails, while the hooked piece should be the size of half of one pinky-nail.

dsc_0399If you want to add something extra, hot glue flowers, beads, gems, or feathers onto the center of the band.

Boom, that’s it! So very simple.


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