The Significance of Sinking In

Though the henna had been sitting in the dashboard of a car parked in the beating sun, when it hit my skin it pulled out Summer’s influence and cooled thin lines on my hand. Henna does not only adorn the skin, but serve as protection. The herb feels cold as it is absorbed.

The powerful effect is stunning. It is a beautiful reminder of the way things easily enter our systems. As the lines are drawn, I think of the week and the small battles that seem to crop up when I’m feeling depleted and incapable of fighting.

How easily things soak in.

But the dark pieces that smell like spiced earth slowly chip away, and beneath it is a deep orange. The petals and leaves slowly melt away, and the memory of coolness is now only a memory of a hot day at the lake with good friends.

How easy things soak in, and how easily they fade to make way for the more important impressions.

The decadence of the patterns that are made with henna is a call to allow the love and support of others to guard and muffle the damage that can be inadvertently done. It doesn’t take  thicker skin, thicker skin stains the darkest. It takes a daily rememberence of those that join us in our daily battles.



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