Feeling Drop-dead on a Dime

That special, thrifted kind of feeling fly. Everything I am wearing here was a thrift store find. I layered a short dress under the brown skirt and layered some tights underneath. I love the lipstick and jewelry pattern on this dress. It has a girly pattern but the shape is more square, and I like the balance between the masculine and feminine. The sandals over tights thing I am loving very much right now. The brown in the skirt and in the shoes contrasts nicely with the black in the dress and tights.


Someone told me once, “black and brown make me frown.” To him I say, “You haven’t seen me in this outfit then.” I also had to rock the large frames. Big glasses scream sexy teacher to me and I was very much feeling that.

Often I find that thrift store pick-ups can have an odd fit at times. For example the brown skirt fits me a little loosely and the dress is a bit too short for my liking. Together, though, they fit perfectly and are very flattering. I try to stay open and find creative ways to incorporate good inexpensive finds into better-fitted or more classic pieces.

I did splurge on the shoes. The older I become the more willing I am to break the bank for some comfortable footwear. I used to scrimp on footwear, but I love to me up and on my feet so much, it really makes a huge difference that these sandals have extra cushion and soft well-made straps. It was a hard lesson to learn, but I’m definitely getting there.

What is your favorite thrifted look? I would love to hear your secret thrifting weapon!

Stay lovely my friends!

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