Cocos Dirty Mouth Tooth Polish: Product Review

A black mouthed woman in the picture intrigued me. Weird stuff? Okay, I’m in. I decided to order one of the few products offered by Cocos Organics. This particular product assures to make your mouth creepy black just before its sparkling white.

What’s that you say? I will look like a real life black-mouthed wacko? I’ll take two please.

My first impression

was that the packaging is b-e-a-utiful. Golden wrapping with crinkly grey paper pouring out was enough to have me sold. DSC_0748Something about it was so girly and fun. But, still, the delivery information requested the extra time be allotted for delivery because each product is made by hand. Each is sent with its very own hand-written production date.

DSC_0766This stuff really is black! I dipped in my toothbrush and it was also pitch black. I decided to dive right in and get my black and white mouth on!

When I first used it

I was getting a real kick out of the blackness of my teeth. The mintiness was nice and subtle, and it brushed like a normal toothpaste.DSC_0787-Recovered 2.jpgYes, I look insane. But I was hooked! My mouth felt so fresh and clean and the sink rinsed clean from the blackness right away.

I would buy this again for sure! It’s a huge motivator to want to brush my teeth! Anything that helps me drag myself out of bed is a winner as far as I’m concerned.

The only possible downside I foresee is that it could potentially stain my toothbrush or sink, though it seems as though the black color rinses right away. After a quick post-brush rinse, the black was all gone and my teeth seemed whiter than ever.

I love the stuff. The ingredients are thoughtfully listed on the container, and include simple pronounceable things such as, “clay.” No weird sugars or preservatives. My mouth felt clean and lovely and I had way too much fun!

Four stars!

Check out

if you’re interested!



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