D.I.Y Abstract Recycled Painting

This project turns a used pizza box into an interesting and easy wall-hanging that adds color and intrigue to a blank space. I used found objects to create the painting, so it was entirely free to construct!

What you need:


Three or four sheets of paper (Printer paper, construction paper, or newspaper will all do the trick)

Acrylic or tempora paint (I used blue and white acrylic paint)

Paint brush

One used box ( I used a pizza box, but a shoe box or any other recycled box will do)


Twine for hanging

Hot glue gun and hot glue

Gathered things such as flowers or shells to decorate





Remove the top half of the pizza box so that you are left with one shallow rectangle. Secure the loose corners of the box with glue so there are no flappy edges. Next, cut paper into strips wide enough to wrap around edges of the box. I happened to have pages from an old loose-leaf math book that I was more than happy to chop up! The pieces should wrap across the jagged edges of the cardboard beginning at the inside crease, and ending flush against the outside edge of the box. Secure the strips of paper with glue. There should be no exposed cardboard on the edges of the box. This will get painted over, but smoothly-placed paper will make your pizza box look like a frame rather than a greasy piece of cardboard. Take my word for it.


Apply tape in a rectangle against the back of the box. I intentionally offset the pieces of tape to give a more abstract and odd look. Paint the papered edges of the box and outside the perimeter of the tape white, leaving only inside the tape blank. Once dried, remove the tape to reveal your funky shape!

The next piece requires your very own imaginative process. It is time to paint the only paint-less region of your art piece.If you go outside of the line, just reimagine your shape! It’s abstract after all!

I painted the very bottom of the shape pure blue and then faded it slowly to a lighter blue and white color and then went back over with a mix of both. To do this I squeezed a dot of white at the top of my paint-blending surface (for me often just a thick piece of paper or any not-absorbent or easily soggy surface you don’t mind spreading paint all over) and a blue dot a few inches below. I begin with the pure blue color and apply it to the very bottom and then slowly swirl in more and more white. Below is a picture of the set-up and how it sort of looks as the paints blend.DSC_0718.JPG

Ahh, wet paint. It makes me happy just looking at this picture!

The final piece I did was to do just a little blending s the colors transition smoothly. I then went back and dipped my brush in the most un-blended spots on my paint-blending surface and used the inconsistent and random colors to add little spaces of contrasting color against the simple blue to white look.DSC_0719.JPG


Allow paint to dry and add your components. I had some dried flowers from a previous project that I thought would look really shaggy and white and interesting against the blue. I pictured bright flowers or little trinkets hanging down from the top of the box and floating out in front of the painted background. This could be done easily by poking holes in the top of the box and stringing twine through to hold objects in midair. I hot-glued some plant-life to the bottom of the box so that it stuck out away from the paint and gave depth to the scene created

DSC_0720.JPGThen I hot-glued a piece of twine to each side of the box for hanging. Alternately, you could poke a hole into each side of the box and knot twine to hang. I love how this turned out! It’s filling a previously blank wall with color and light!


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