The Fizzing Cherry : A Simple Gin Cocktail

It’s Summertime my friends. Let’s drink Gin.

This cocktail takes a Tom Collins and turns it on it’s head. Light, crisp, slightly tart, this drink screams cool me down in the hot hot sun while I wear a fancy hat.

For this cocktail I suggest the ultimately fabulous Brooklyn Gin. It is light and slightly citrusy and floral. Story goes the recipe was created after research and feedback from the gin drinking and crafting community. It won many many awards upon its induction and isn’t much more expensive than Tanqueray. We were first introduced to this gin by a local mixologist and haven’t looked back since.

I also recommend getting your hands on the sexiest cherries you can for this one. Luxardo cherries rein supreme in the world of cocktail cherries. They are cooked down into a sweet thick syrup and add a rich flavor. Please, I beg of you, avoid maraschinos at all cost. In many grocery stores they have an alternative with no artificial dyes. Overall I have found that the alternatives with no dye have more cherry flavor that compliments the cocktail.

Ingredients for One Cocktail

The juice of half a lemon

1 1/2 ounces gin

Three Luxardo cherries

Ginger beer


To Make the Magic Happen

Place three cherries and juice from half a lemon in the bottom of a cocktail glass. Muddle using either the proper tools or the back of a spoon. Top glass with ice and pour gin over ice to allow some melting. Finally, top with ginger beer to taste. If you prefer a sweeter cocktail, stir in a dash of agave syrup.

Voila, sip sip.

What is that you say? You would like a homemade ginger beer recipe? You will have your wish soon enough! Stay tuned!




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