Avocado Lime Popsicles (Alternate title: Avocado Lime Frozenness that I ate from a bowl out of impatience)

Hello there Summer! Where have you been you beautiful beast?

If we’re in a state of full disclosure here, it’s hot, I’m sweaty, but I’m loving every minute because I’m wearing three articles of clothing total and feeling great.

Facebook told me this morning that I wanted an easy-to-make avocado ice cream and it was halfway right. What I really wanted was a light and fresh vegan version that didn’t rely on cream to make ice cream, but rather on fresh ingredients to make deliciously cooling popsicles. These only have a small amount of agave syrup, so they are a totally guiltless thing to eat twenty of. For the moms out there, feed ’em to the kiddos by the batch and they’ll be none the wiser that they are eating a quite healthy and non-blood-sugar-spiking treat! MUAHAHA!

These delicious treats take about ten minutes from start to freezer and about three hours to freeze entirely.

If I’m honest, I waited about an hour and a half and dug into one half-melted and didn’t regret it one bit.

Makes six large popsicles, or freeze in an ice tray for a fun addition to a drink or cocktail (makes about 12 cubes)


1 Tbs agave syrup

2 large avocados

Juice from 2 whole limes

1/2 cup coconut milk

one hefty handful ice

one mint sprig

one splash vanilla

one cup water


This recipe is quite simple and easy to tweak. Simply add all ingredients to a food processor or blender and blend until completely smooth. Then place in moulds and freeze.

I used these very adorable popsicle moulds from my local kitchen supply store. They are rocket moulds with little space men sticks!

They are rich, creamy, and slightly sweet. The lime and mint make them so fresh and light. No-one would ever guess that these are light and healthy treats that will stun at any barbecue.


  • If you chose to use honey instead of agave syrup, your treat will be just a bit different but equally delicious. Just remember to blend the ingredients without the ice first to equally distribute the honey, then add ice and re-blend. Otherwise, the honey clumps up into one goopy ball
  • These are pretty light treats, so if you prefer a bit more punch, double lime and agave syrup equally. For example ,if you want twice the lime punch add twice the syrup.
  • Coconut milk can just as easily be rice or almond or regular dairy milk. The only suggestion I would have would be to adjust up the amount of avocado for a thinner milk like rice milk. Because coconut milk is quite thick it adds richness. Without it there would need to be more fat to compensate and allow the same sort of richness.
  • Lavender would be a fabulous addition to this treat. If that tickles your fancy, try subbing out the lime for lemon and adding about three sprigs lavender and enjoy a quite different but absolutely equally good treat.


Below is a picture of a LITERAL rocket man. Did I mention I am a perpetual child?



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