Celebrate Spring With Hanging Herb Bundles

This simple and quick project can be a great gift or an easy way to bring some color to a space. Everything that I used in this project was something I already had; so it was a completely free project. I was inspired after looking at the absolutely mangled mess of mint that has growth rather fervently by our house. After trimming down the plants I had tons of wild mint to put to use.

You will need:

  • Herbs and flowers: I used wild mint growing by our home and some dried flowers that I had saved from my birthday.
  • Twine, yarn, or string
  • Scissors


Gather your plants. This is a perfect project to scavenge for (just be careful not to trespass or disturb a wild area). This time of year there are tons of flowers growing next to the sidewalk and along some pathways here. I used mint that we had growing by our home, and had a bunch of dried flowers that I have been desperate to use for a project.


Cut a piece of twine or string about an arm’s length. Lay the string straight across a flat surface. To arrange your herbs and flowers, begin with taller pieces and stack shorter pieces along the top to fill in blank space. In making these, I preferred to explore different shapes. For some, I left the flower far below the herbs, and in others I left the top very sparse. Because I was weaving a single flower into each bundle. I put the flower down first, leaving it below the greenery on the bottom, and then stacked mint in gradually shorter pieces over the top. Flower Instructions


Wrap your greenies.

Flower WrapPull string across the top of the greens and pull until barely tight. From here, continue ticking the strings under and over the bundle symmetrically. Create a criss-cross pattern up the stalks. It should form a series of X’s alternatively over the top and bottom of the bundle.Knot InstructWhen to reach the top of your greenery and are left with a short length of stem left. Tie a single knot to hold the strings in place. About two inches away from the first knotty the two strings together. This part sounds a little tricky, but if you don’t tie the ends the same way it won’t be a disaster. Just make sure your string is secure so the flowers do not slip out.

Take your strings (now tied together) and wrap them away from you around the stalks and then tuck the loose end under the strings that you wrapped, so that the loose end runs parallel to the stalks, with the ends toward the end of the stalks. The motion should mimic the way you tie the end of a balloon.

Now, you should have two tail-end strings. Tie the ends together to form a loop on which you can hang your wrapped flowers.DSC_0308


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