The Beginning of a Goddess Movement

Today I was stopped by a man outside the Farmer’s Market. My husband had left my side for a brief time to walk the dog around while I picked up some carrots and parsnips. Generally, this means that if I walk too close to the road some asshole is sure that a nice sturdy yet abrupt HONK right in my ear will be a sure-fire way to get me hot and bothered. This, however, is about the most unsexy and most terrifying thing that could happen. Never have I been less interested in knowing someone than in the brief interaction I have with horn-honkers. Yeah, that’ll get me interested, a nice jump-out-my-skin scare that awakes me from my floaty walky daydream.

But back to the man that stopped me today. The first think he said to me as I turned my head to him with a mouth stuffed to the brim with flatbread. “Goddess, goddess, goddess.” he said to me, wiggling his finger up and down. “You know what I noticed about you? Your walk.”  I managed a muffled thank you as I grinned form ear to ear. He wasn’t giving me a complement on my appearance. This was a compliment regarding presence. He didn’t say beautiful or cute or sexy. He was saying that I was walking around like I deserve to be fed grapes as I lounge every once in a while. And really, don’t we all?

So I’ll continue to give those horn-honkers the foulest ugliest mean-mug of their g.d. lives. Meanwhile, to those men who chose to empower a woman by complimenting her very essence, I will celebrate you!

So, let’s start a movement.

For the record this is not a message of empowerment to only one gender. Yesterday, after IIMG_0029 power walked to meet my husband for a movie after work, I arrived to not one but two of my favorite beers– one for the previews and one for the
movie. This morning as I yawned and stretched like a monster, he just looked at me and shook his head. “You’re so beautiful,” he said. THAT is to be equally celebrated.


The movement is about true celebration of self and others. Let that horn honker or cat caller get exactly no love or appreciation. The one that calls you a goddess because of your strut? That is the one that will be celebrated in return.

That’s what we all want, right– to be appreciated for the energy that we exude?

I was floating all day today. That stranger made my day more than anyone that has called me beautiful. A sunny day is beautiful. Me? I am a goddess.




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