Let’s Call It Shabby Chic

This Week In The News: Okay not the news, but some news for sure.

At work I wear a black shirt and mostly sniff-testedly clean reasonably presentable jeans. This means that no matter how fancy my day will be, I can’t bring myself to not put on something that is as far from this daily getup as possible. It doesn’t matter if I’m going to be at home my entire morning doing homework– I’m doing it in something lovely. This is not some weird attempt at convincing people I am put together (because any semblance of that image will be immediately irradiated after I trip on my own foot and come tumbling to the ground covered in coffee as soon as my neighbor waves me a good-morning). It’s just that I want to be able to spend my morning doing sexy air-gun gestures at myself in the mirror every once in a while. It’s normal, I promise.

So today I wanted a little yellow on the neck and red on the waist as I tackled a pile of homework that I have ever-so-responsibly been putting off until this morning.

In not-so-similar news, the world waits eagerly for Trump to shell out some nudes:

 College Humor is asking to see the goodies after a bold yet awkward segway by the illustrious Donald Trump in last week’s Republican debate. Is it just me or does the man in the, “Show us your penis,” t-shirt have a tear in his eye?

While we are all colleging humorously, or humoring collegeously… Here are some Zen Riddles for Millennials.


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