D.I.Y Flower Head Wreaths

It’s been beautiful and sunny here for the last week, but every time that wind blows we get a harsh reminder it’s still winter. All the beautiful sunshine is making me miss the beautiful flowers and colors of spring a little extra. There’s no better splash of color than a lovely wreath brimming with flowery goodness.

You will Need:

⊕Scissors (possibly wire cutters depending on your headband material)

⊕Fake Flowers, Shells, Beads, Feathers, Etc.

⊕Hot Glue Gun

⊕Wrapped Wire: For this you could improvise and use clothes hangers or pipe cleaners and choose to wrap them after to disguise your supplies as something very fancy. I, however, got my hands on some green wrapped wire that holds it shape really well but is easy to bend. The goal here is to find something that is sturdy ad holds up to twisting and gluing, but is soft and pliable enough to keep your head comfortable.

⊕Ribbon or strips of fabric


Begin by cutting your wire to the desired size. I gracefully wrapped wire around my head and tried to both cut and hold it simultaneously. I might suggest a slightly different approach, or maybe enacting this step out of public eye. Leave some extra room for the ends of the wire to overlap so you can attach the ends and form a solid ring.

I found it helpful to double the wire over itself and wrap it twice around by head so I could wind the two halves together and create more nooks and crannies to which I could glue my foliage.


Glue your flowers on however you like. I like the idea of one huge flower off to one side or tons of small flowers all across the top. There is no wrong or un-fabulous way to do this. I simply cut the flowers off their plastic stems as close to the base of the flower as I can and attach them. Across the most visible areas such as the very top of the band, I spun plants around the wire to cover it, gluing along the way. I also used some of the leaves to cover pieces of the band.



Cover up any weirdness. Use ribbon or a strip of fabric to tightly wrap the exposed wire. I began by applying a dot of hot glue to the beginning of the fabric and pressing it in place where I would like to begin the cover-up and simply spun down the wire. When I reached the gap in the two wires, I overlapped them slightly and applied glue liberally in between the two wires. Once this has dried I apply a bit more glue and wrapped the fabric tightly to hold the two ends together. Simply cut and glue to finish. I chose to double back and wrap the wire a second time to strengthen and smooth the wrapping. There you have it folks! Simple as can be.





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