The High Life (high up, that is)

In celebration of the one day that my husband and I get to have off a week, we decided to indulge in the sweet sweet steamy waters of Ten Thousand Waves, a hot springs resort nearby. Sundays are oh so sweet for us. Even if I wanted to run a million errands (which inevitably and regardless of how many I checked off of my list the day before seem to spring up) nothing is open so I have a quite legitimate excuse for doing a whole lot of nothing. This particular Sunday reminded me of how incredibly lucky we are– to have enough resources to relax in indulgent ways, to get to spend time with one another, to have our health and vitality.

Bento Box

We soaked for about an hour and then went next door to the incredible Japanese inspired restaurant Izunami where we were able to look over the mountains. The heat from the springs and delicious food made me forget that moments before I had sunken waist-deep in snow as we attempted to explore a new hiking trail.

The sun moved down over them and they began to darken. Before they became obscured, a cloud carrying a load of snow poured in between the two overlapped mountains we were overlooking. At first we were unsure of whether we were watching the first flakes of snow, or a low-hanging cloud swoop in. The small flurries gently reminded us both that we were in the belly of winter, and that one of the unique features of this place is that one is able to see far into the distance. Here you see rain make clouds heavy with liquid and watch the droplets form a churning grey cloud that funnels from the sky to the ground long before you feel the wetness of rain drops.

This, I believe, is why things move slower here. It is why the people think hard about how they can conserve all that is in this beautiful place. There is no building large enough to obstruct the grandeur of the mountains, and every day we look up at the rocks as they turn pink and red as light reflects off of rose quarts. Tonight, sitting in bed, practically a noodle, I am thinking of all of these incredible presences. I am also sure that this is a good life and I am immensely fortunate to occupy it.



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