For the Love of Inquiry…

There are a few things on my mind this week:

First, I have taken on the challenge of reading one book a month for one year. I finished my first of twelve last month and am now well into a new story. Though, now that school is back in full swing by book choices may be getting shorter for the sake of actually getting any sleep at all, I hope to incorporate a challenge broached by Ann Morgan in her Tedtalk titled, “My year reading a book from every country in the world.”  She looked at her bookshelves and realized that her collection of literature was actually very narrow despite the number of works. Like Ann, I hope to use this challenge as a chance to read another world view. Language, expression, and writing are so deeply rooted in culture and heritage.

You can watch the video of her beautiful journey as she connects globally to accomplish her goal here.

On a similar note, I just finished reading a sweet little article that asks, “Are We Different People In Different Languages?” An English teacher discusses how one can perceive a language as the communication linked to different pieces of our pasts and experiences. I always found it difficult to pick up conversational Spanish because of my obsession with precision. Spanish is not technical in the same way that English can be. Of course, Spanish is beautiful and complex like any language, I do not mean to place my own first language on a pedestal. However, in the same way the English teacher’s students felt their own language had a feeling that could not translate properly, I have not yet learned how to shift into a place where I can feel brave enough to either hurry someone out the door or agree emphatically with the same, “Orale!” There is a certain sense of history in a language that lingers into our sharply ending or smoothly rolled “R’s.”

You can read more about how different languages are expressed in different ways here.

Finally, I’m sure no one needs to be reminded that it is winter-time and I have been stuck inside far too often because of the very ridiculously snowy year we are having. Instead of turning into a monster-person I have challenged myself to get inspired, start planning for the Spring and the coop I want to build for our future chickens, and the garden we have begun to plan and sprout seeds for. I have also tried to spend a lot of time with pretty things. Every time I look at something that is undeniably beautiful, I get a fire in my belly and can’t help but paint or draw or write. Though often these impulsive urges to create end terribly and hardly professional, it feels so good! So, here are some undeniably creative and beautiful things:

Kiarra Elliott uses particle board and recycled materials as canvas (my favorite is featured above) on the bountiful blog Afropunk.

I discovered a great site on which a man records stories of his travels and his interactions with the people all over the world. This site led me to the article above about language.Ink and Feet

Finally, a hilarious internet gem. Nicolas Cage in his Raising Arizona prime, featured on the cover of a foreign textbook. Hilarious!


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